Our values

Our goal is to supply people with professional-grade materials that stand the test of time, whether they’re professionals or amateur DIY enthusiasts, working on an industrial project or a highly specialised job. By creating long-lasting products, harnessing our experience and collaborating with our customers, partners and workforce, we deliver excellent results for the living environments of tomorrow. To make that happen, we always act in accordance with our three key values: 

Take a forward-looking approach. 
Keep constantly proving ourselves. 
Be versatile. 

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Head up and don’t stop!

We’re open to the people and opportunities we encounter, and we boldly pursue powerful ideas. Just like our founder Ferdinand Ramsauer, but also in keeping with our innovative customers from every industry. It’s for them that we question the status quo and look at things differently. It’s for them that we create the professional-grade materials of the future. 
From our point of view, wherever trends or developments may go, it all ultimately comes down to providing products that deliver real benefits for those who use them.

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Quick and dirty? Not with us!

When it comes to clean connections, we leave nothing to chance. It’s for this reason that we carefully select our raw materials, constantly fine-tune to ensure the best formulations and carry out subsequent testing in our lab. By taking these steps, we constantly prove ourselves, because we uphold what is valuable and always check that our actions line up with our responsibility. That’s why we’re investing in the best production processes and endeavouring to leave something positive behind for future generations – something both we and Mother Nature can be proud of. 

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We give more than is expected!

We practise the art of giving more than is expected. After all, it’s often the inconspicuous details that make the difference between tears of pain or joy at the ultimate outcome.
We see ourselves as our customers’ companions on the journey towards an excellent project. This is powered by our consistently high-quality materials, versatile product range and deep well of practical knowledge. By harnessing these, we create clarity about which products are really best suited to the task at hand. Sound reasonable? Rightly so.

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Made in Austria
Made in Austria