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Why are all sealants not the same?

From Klaus Forstinger
Flüssiges Silikon, das in eine Metallschale fließt

Did you know that sealants with the same raw material base do not automatically have the same properties? Therefore, the mere indication of raw materials does not provide any information about the mechanical or chemical properties of the respective product.
As a manufacturer, we have a decisive influence on the quality of a sealant through the formulation! So if you want to form an objective opinion about the different products on the market, you need more information than just the manufacturers' technical data sheets.
The information they contain is difficult to compare due to different test methods and standards. A comparison can therefore only be truly objective and well-founded if standards are taken into account: DIN test standards, DIN EN ISO standards, ÖNORM etc. Also consider whether a sealant only "complies" with a particular standard or whether it has been "tested" according to this standard. You will only find the latter on the Ramsauer data sheets!

Tabelle zur Unterscheidung zwischen Acryl, Silikon und Hybrid
Übersicht Unterscheidung zwischen den Eigenschaften organisch trockener Öle und Kunststoffe
Darstellung der Unterscheidung von Dichtstoffen und Silikonen hinsichtlich ihrer Eigenschaften
From Klaus Forstinger