Sustainability at Ramsauer

Recognising that the easiest way is not always the best, we ask ourselves in everything we do – are we acting as part of the solution or part of the problem? We firmly believe it’s crucial to treat nature responsibly in order to leave future generations a world worth living in. That’s why we constantly question ourselves and our products with a view to reducing our actions’ environmental impact to a minimum. 

Blick vom Berg auf den einen See im Salzkammergut

We take responsibility

The easy way is rarely sustainable, which is why we focus on the full life cycle of our sealants and adhesives. From the procurement of raw materials and the manufacturing process to packaging, transport and the product’s service life, we prioritise doing business in an environmentally responsible manner.  

Ramsauer employee in the laboratory checking glass.

Forward-looking product development

Before we use a raw material, we subject it to extremely thorough health and environmental testing. We also regularly review and update our existing formulations. To ensure our products’ durability and stability even under challenging conditions such as heat and UV exposure, we continually bring the stabilisers we use up to the latest standards. This is how we create professional-grade materials that stand the test of time 

It goes without saying that Ramsauer products meet international environmental and health-and-safety standards for construction. They are evaluated by independent institutes with regard to emissions, food contact safety and clean room compatibility. The products’ characteristics can be viewed at any time on platforms such as and

Ramsauer employees in work clothes washing a boiler in production

Eco-friendly production processes

To reduce our environmental footprint, we are constantly optimising our manufacturing processes. We save large amounts of energy by keeping the hybrid manufacturing process at low temperatures and delivering significantly reduced response times. Plus, this means less water is needed for cooling. A new boiler washing system makes it possible to use less solvent and recover more energy.

Our goal is to cover as little ground as possible when it comes to supply and delivery. We pay attention to this both when purchasing raw materials and selling our products. This is made possible by the central location of our production plant in Austria’s Salzkammergut region and our external warehouse in Vienna.

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Research & development at Ramsauer
Blick vom Berg auf den einen See im Salzkammergut

   Unser Arbeits- und Kraftplatz: Das herrliche Salzkammergut.

Innovative packaging

Right from the development phase of each product, we check whether it’s possible to use packaging made of recycled material. These cartridges are produced from 50% post-consumer recycled material, so help to conserve resources and improve the reusability of plastic. Certain new developments, such as our 652 Tech Fix product, are available in recycled cartridges right from the offset. The popular 640 Dichtkleber sealing adhesive, which previously only came in aluminium cartridges, is now also available in the recycled cartridges.

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Proper disposal

The sustainable way we approach our materials does not end with their use. Proper disposal is of great importance, too. In Austria, disposal is currently managed via the ARA system. 

For our German customers, we participate in the PDR programme for recycling polyurethane foam cans. For technical reasons, harmful residual quantities of pre-polymer and foaming agent remain when polyurethane foam cans are emptied. PDR Recycling GmbH & Co KG offers an environmentally friendly solution by collecting and recycling used polyurethane foam cans.


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Forward-looking approach

We believe that acting sustainably means taking responsibility – for our natural world, our society and the generations that will come after us. We pick up on new developments quickly. Because when it comes to sustainability, there’s no time to waste.
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Julia Pitzer
Chemist, R&D
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Made in Austria