440 Naturstein

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Perfect joints stone after stone – indoors, outdoors, even underwater

Natural stones such as granite, quartz and marble create a special atmosphere wherever they are used. When sealing these materials, however, it is important to pay attention to their sensitive surfaces. We have developed a special sealant for this purpose: 440 Naturstein. Unlike conventional silicones, this material does not contain any migratory ingredients. This means that there will not be any staining around the edges, nor will there be any signs of corrosion when the sealant comes into contact with metals. Due to its fungicidal and bactericidal ingredients, 440 Naturstein is not only ideal for sanitary spaces, but also for joints exposed to heavy stress and strain underwater and in spa and wellness facilities. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, it can also be used in kitchens. And that’s not all – a wide range of colours also leaves ample scope for individuality. 

Available in many different colours (including custom options)
Suitable for use in permanently wet and underwater environments
Does not cause staining around the edges
Approved for use in food applications


  • UV-resistant
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Prevents mould thanks to fungicidal properties
  • Elastic
  • Suitable for use in permanently wet areas
  • No staining around the edges
  • Compatible with natural stone


  • ISO 16938
  • LEED approved
  • DIN EN ISO 846
  • German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)
  • for food areas

Technical data

according to current colour chart, also available with textured surface and mat
neutrally cross-linking oxime system
Sag resistance
~ 0,4 N/mm² (EN ISO 8339)
Stress at break
~ 0,47 N/mm² (EN ISO 8339)
~ 1,02 (EN ISO 1183-1)
Temperature resistance
- 50°C to + 150°C
Elongation at break
~ 250 % (DIN 53504-1 S2)
Tear strength
~ 5,5 N/mm (ISO 34-1)
310ml-cartridges and 400ml-foil bags
Skin over time
~ 6 min. (23°C/50 % relative humidity)
Storage life
12 months in a cool and dry place
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
+ 5°C to + 35°C
Shore hardness
~ 38 (EN ISO 868)
Movement capability
~ 20%
Shear strength
~ 0,83 N/mm² (DIN 52455-3)
~ 4,6% (EN ISO 10563)
Curing time
~3.3 mm/24 hours (at +23°C / 50 % relative humidity)


Main applications

Illustration Abdichtung einer Kühltruhe
Seals in the food industry
Professional-grade materials for the food industry must meet strict standards.
Illustration einer Fuge in Grün
Sealing expansion joints
An elastic sealant balances out tension between different structural elements.
Illustration grüne Bodenfuge Fliesenboden
Sealing floor joints
Extremely resistant and elastic sealants allow for long-lasting joints.
Illustration Dusche mit Glaswand und grün markierten Anschlussfugen
Sealing floor joints in kitchens and bathrooms
Sealants for heavily stressed joints in kitchens and bathrooms must absorb movement and be resistant to micro-organisms.
Illustration Auto von oben
Sealing vehicle parts
Sealants used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Sealing natural stone
Sealants for natural stone must not result in edges becoming stained.
Sealing joints in natural stone stairs
Plasticiser-free elastic sealants are suitable for sealing joints in stairs made of natural stone.
Sealing display glass
Fast-cure and moisture-tolerant materials are used to bond glass.

Other applications

Sealing floor joints in warehouses
Permanently elastic and fast-cure materials are needed to fill joints that are subject to heavy stress and strain.
Bonding monuments and gravestones
Professional-grade materials for sculpted natural stone must be weather-proof and fast-curing.
Manufacturing home appliances
Elastic and resilient sealants are suitable for manufacturing small and large home appliances.
Sealing joints in pools
Sealants for permanently wet areas should be extra-resistant to water and chemicals.
Joints and bonding in kitchens
Professional-grade materials used in settings where food and beverages are prepared must fulfil the applicable standards.
Installing wall panelling in industrial facilities
Resilient professional-grade products compatible with a wide range of materials are used to bond and seal wall panels.

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