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131 Multiflex
Neutral · Silicone sealant
Wooden structures
color-circle 13 colours
3 sizes
€ 0.00
120 Neutral
color-circle 23 colours
3 sizes
€ 0.00
440 Naturstein
color-circle 44 colours
3 sizes
€ 0.00
320 Baudicht
color-circle 14 colours
3 sizes
€ 0.00
451 Sanitär Hybrid
color-circle 6 colours
€ 0.00

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"I’ve been working at Ramsauer for five years. I really enjoy it because there are new challenges each and every day. We take those on as a team and work together as we look to find new solutions."
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Aron Wörther
Ramsauer-Mitarbeiter Aron Wörther bei der Kontrolle der Dichtstoff-Kartuschen