690 2K MS Kleber

Hybrid adhesive
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A single product for bonding and sealing

Our 690 2K MS Kleber is the way to go when things have to move fast on construction sites, in car and commercial vehicle construction or in industrial applications. This innovative adhesive and sealant is based on a special formula for rapid and controlled polymer curing, even with large adhesive gaps or sealant joints. As a result, it cures and can be subjected to the pressures of real-world use within four hours, even in the case of materials such as metals, plastics or glass. Its ability to cure through quickly as well as its impressive tensile strength and elongation at break allow for a wide range of applications, especially where other adhesives and sealants cause problems due to slower curing. Once it has cured, 690 2K MS Kleber is odourless, can be sanded and painted, and can be exposed to temperatures of up to 180°C for short periods of time. 



  • UV-resistant
  • Silicone-free
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • Elastic
  • Solvent-free
  • Fast-curing
  • Odourless


  • RC2
  • RC3
  • LEED approved
  • German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)

Technical data

Elongation at break
approx. 400 % (DIN 53504 S2)
Storage life
15 months in a cool and dry place in original package
~ 10 % (DIN 52451)
white, black
Pot life
+23°C / 50 % relative humidity: max. 40 min.
Processing time
approx. 25 – 45 min. (at 23°C/50% relative humidity)
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
+5°C to +35°C
2-component hybrid sealant
Temperature resistance
-40°C to +90°C (short time +180°C)
Shore hardness
4 hours: ~ 25 / 24 hours: ~ 45 / 7 days: ~ 48 (DIN 53505)
0,5 N/mm² (DIN 53504 S2)


Main applications

Illustration Treppen-Fugen
Assembling concrete parts
An extra-powerful professional-grade material can be used to assemble parts under difficult conditions.
Illustration Auto
Bonding vehicle parts
Adhesives used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Installing windows on vessels
Weather-proof and elastic adhesives and sealants are suitable for installing windows on vehicles and waterborne vessels.
Installing mirrors
Low-odour and fast-cure materials are suitable for sealing and bonding special types of glass and mirrors.
Bonding stair treads
If products are compatible with a wide range of materials, this unlocks a wide range of bonding applications for interior fitting and finishing.

Other applications

Glazing adhesives
Strong adhesives make it easier to create intricate frames and larger pane dimensions.
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