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Spillage-free adhesive bonding

When 622 2K PU Kleber from Ramsauer is put to work, a tough adhesive joint can be created. That’s what makes this polyurethane adhesive particularly suitable for structural and rigid bonding of corner connections in aluminium windows and on doors. As it is a thixotropic product, the material does not drip. These special properties prevent the work surface from becoming dirty. With its colour and adhesive strength remaining the same even when exposed to UV radiation and strong weather conditions, this reactive adhesive is also an ideal candidate for outdoor use. Once cured, the adhesive seam can be painted over, which is why this material is also suitable for hard jointing of wall panels or touching up joints on GRP sheets. The adhesive is also safe for use in food service use. 

Structural and frictional connection
Can be sanded once cured
Approved for use in food applications


  • Rigid cure
  • Can be covered with paint coats
  • Silicone-free
  • Solvent-free
  • Can be sanded
  • Resistant to weather and ageing


  • for food areas

Technical data

2-component PUR reaction resin adhesive
hobbocks; drums; 2x310ml side-by-side-cartridge
final product: beige
Curing time
up to 75 % cured after 24 hours (at +20°C/50% relative humidity)
1,52 g/cm³ (EN 542)
Shore hardness
~ 85 (DIN 53505)
Storage life
12 months in original closed container;


Main applications

Illustration Abdichtung einer Kühltruhe
Seals in the food industry
Professional-grade materials for the food industry must meet strict standards.
Illustration Eckwinkelverklebung aus Holz
Bonding wood corners
Adhesives for corners made of wood must be able to compensate for the material’s changing nature.
Illustration Eckwinkel aus Metall
Bonding metal corners
Bonding window frames made of metal requires skill and weather-proof adhesives.
Illustration Auto
Bonding vehicle parts
Adhesives used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Seam sealants
To prevent any moisture from penetrating, seams are sealed using strong adhesives.

Other applications

Vehicle and watercraft interiors
Materials with low levels of harmful substances are used for sealing and bonding in vehicles or waterborne vessels.
Creating sandwich panels
Extra-resilient adhesives are suitable for bonding sandwich panels.
Joints and bonding in kitchens
Professional-grade materials used in settings where food and beverages are prepared must fulfil the applicable standards.
Glazing adhesives
Strong adhesives make it easier to create intricate frames and larger pane dimensions.
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