623 D4 Pur Kleber

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Reliable and simple wood adhesion

Looking for an adhesive that reliably bonds to wood and is easy to apply? 623 D4 Pur Kleber combines ease of use with impeccable adhesive strength. The ready-to-use, gun-dispensed wood adhesive can be applied sparingly and prevents glue squeeze-out. At the same time, the adhesive’s high yield and strong initial tack make assembling the relevant parts quick and straightforward. The material’s adhesive properties are another point in its favour, allowing for adhesion to all widely used components and effective application. The cured foam is resistant to rot and moisture – plus, it can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +80°C. This out-of-the-box product is ready to use immediately. 

Ultra-high yield
Tested in line with D4 waterproofing requirements
Structural and frictional connection
Applies cleanly


Main applications

Bonding soundproofing materials
An elastic material absorbs vibrations, helping to soundproof the space in question.
Bonding stair treads
If products are compatible with a wide range of materials, this unlocks a wide range of bonding applications for interior fitting and finishing.
Bonding wooden wall panels
Sandable adhesives with low levels of harmful substances are suitable for installing wooden wall panels.

Other applications

Creating sandwich panels
Extra-resilient adhesives are suitable for bonding sandwich panels.
How to pick the right adhesive for your application.
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