Sealant calculator

Our sealant calculator will help you work out what the right amount of material is for your project. Enter your project details and try it out.

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    Quantity needed
    {{ renderQuantityMl(item) }}0  ml
You need
{{ renderTotalQuantity() }}0 ml

incl. an additional requirement of
{{ renderAdditionalRequirementPercentage() }} 10%
0% 20%

{{ calculateContainerAmount(310) }} 0
cartridge(s) 310ml
{{ calculateContainerAmount(400) }} 0
foil bag(s) 400ml
{{ calculateContainerAmount(600) }} 0
foil bag(s) 600ml

Need help calculating how much you need?

Calculate the right amount of sealant

Regardless of whether you’re working on a large building site or in a private bathroom, your project will start with a shopping run for materials. Calculating how much you need as precisely as possible will not only save you money – it will also save valuable resources and make the job easier.

When it comes to figuring out the right amount of sealant to buy, our sealant calculator is an extremely helpful tool – and one that can make running out of materials halfway through applying them a thing of the past. Try it out today and work out the right sealant volume for your project in just a few clicks.


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    Accurately measure your joints.
  2. 02
    Enter your measurements into the sealant calculator and select the joint shape.
  3. 03
    Choose how much extra you need.
  4. 04
    The sealant calculator will calculate the required amount.
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