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Safety valve

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Portrait Andreas Pöllmann Ramsauer
From Andreas Pöllmann
Visualisierung Sicherheitsventil Plus für PU-Schaum-Kartuschen

Greater independence and efficiency


The innovative closure system is used with all Ramsauer brand polyurethane foams. The major advantages compared to conventional rubber valves are:


  1.  Guaranteed non-stick valve
    Always and immediately available. The tried-and-tested safety valve – the quality standard on the market!
  2.  No uncontrolled foam leakage
    The new safety valve prevents foam from escaping from the valve even if the can is dropped.
  3.  Increased shelf life
    Best foam quality guaranteed for up to 21 months (building material class E)
  4.  Storage in any position
    No matter if standing, lying or hanging – the quality remains optimal.
  5.  Improved dosability
    Exact foam work can be carried out at any time!