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We take a forward-looking approach, developing materials that stand the test of time. For our customers and our natural environment. Our versatility allows us to achieve great things – with equal passion for the details and the big picture.

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We bond it all together

What would the most beautiful marble tile be without a proper joint? What would a glazed facade be without a tight seal, or a building project without high-quality assembly foam? Our varied line-up of products can seal, insulate, fill and bond. It is only with the right connection that multiple parts can be made into a whole that performs its task over the long term. At Ramsauer, we play a key role in making that happen.

Facts & figures

100 employees

...are the foundation that allows Ramsauer to create top-class materials. 

More than 58,000

...cartridges made each day.

250+ products

...for sealing, bonding and assembling are part of Ramsauer’s range.

Around 140 years

...of experience make us Austria’s market leader in sealants.

Facts & figures

Lasting bonds since 1875

Our professional-grade materials are the result of enduring commitment, a courage to keep developing and some simple hard work. Our work goes back almost 150 years to the strenuous job of mining chalk from mountainsides and creating putty for glazing, which we have developed step by step into a wide-ranging, tried-and-tested product range.

Black and white photograph of the Ramsauer chalk plant.


Back in 1875, Ferdinand Ramsauer purchased a small chalk quarry near Bad Goisern and founded the family business along with his son, Josef Ramsauer – who actually lent his name to the company. 
Less than 20 years on, the business had already increased its mining activity a hundredfold and turned Bad Ischl mountain chalk into a brand-name product. 

Black and white photograph of Ramsauer employees at the time of foundation.

From mining company to sealant manufacturer

Ramsauer mountain chalk was previously used to create chalk for glazing putty. Originally, it had been supplied to the manufacturers of the important sealant. But in 1950, Ramsauer began to create its own glazing putty. The shift from a business focused exclusively on mining to one that produced sealants was complete.

Close Up Labormitarbeiter mit Schutzbrillen

Developing a wide range of products

When insulated glazing was introduced, new, malleable and elastic sealants were required. Ramsauer was developing the initial modified putties back in the 1950s. Later, products soluble in water (known as acrylates) were produced for the first time. In 1972, Ramsauer began making silicone-based sealants, then came its polyurethane foam in 1976. A patent for two-component systems was registered in 1998.

Research & development today

Forward-looking approach

"We put passion and perfectionism into the work we do on our products, aiming for a more excellent tomorrow."
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