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This adhesive comes in particularly useful when the materials in question are exposed to UV radiation and inclement weather. Due to its excellent adhesion to glass, our 670 2K-Kleber can be used for sealing insulating and single-pane glass. It is also suitable for anti-burglar RC2 and RC3 bonds. Its exceptional resilience makes it suitable for industrial applications, too, such as shipbuilding and car manufacturing. As the adhesive is based on a fast-cure, moisture-tolerant, two-component silicone rubber, it applies extra-efficiently. It is also neutral-cure with minimal shrinkage. The product can be used as a UV-resistant secondary compound in the production of insulating glazing. 


Extra UV-resistant and weather-proof
Proven compatible with PVB interlayer in laminated glass
Verified quality
Controlled curing


  • UV-resistant
  • Elastic
  • Solvent-free
  • Fast-curing
  • Compatible with laminated safety glass


  • RC2
  • RC3
  • DIN 1279

Technical data

Shear strength
~ 1,4 N/mm² (DIN 52455-3)
Movement capability
25 %
Temperature resistance
- 50°C to + 150°C
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
+5°C to + 35°C
Shore hardness
ca. 35 (DIN 53505)
0,5 N/mm² (DIN 53504)
Storage life
6 months in a cool and dry place in the original container
Tear strength
7.5 N/mm² (ISO 34, method C)
280 ml coaxial cartridges, 20 l hobbocks, 200 l barrels upon request
neutrally crosslinking - alkoxy system


Main applications

Illustration Haus mit Schornstein, Dachfenster und Regenrinne
Seals on roofs and structural facades
Tested and weather-proof professional-grade materials guarantee long-lasting joints under heavy stress and strain.
Illustration Glasfassade
Sealing and bonding safety glass to prevent falls
When working on safety glazing designed to prevent falls, the professional-grade materials must be compatible with laminated glass.
Illustration Aquarium-Dichtungen in Grün
Sealing aquariums
Fast-cure and water-tight silicone sealants are used to seal glazed structures such as aquariums.
Window seals
Weather-proof, easy-to-shape sealants provide attractive and functional joints for the long term.
Creating insulating glass edge seals
To create a UV-resistant insulated glass unit that’s made to last, strong-hold adhesives are required.
Installing windows on vessels
Weather-proof and elastic adhesives and sealants are suitable for installing windows on vehicles and waterborne vessels.
Installing solar power systems
Weather-resistant and non-corrosive materials are suitable for installing photovoltaic systems.
Sealing display glass
Fast-cure and moisture-tolerant materials are used to bond glass.

Other applications

Sealing joints in steel and aluminium
Non-corrosive and weather-proof sealants provide lasting attractive results.
Manufacturing home appliances
Elastic and resilient sealants are suitable for manufacturing small and large home appliances.
Manufacturing machinery and motors
To make electrical components, precision and resilient professional-grade materials are required.
Sealing joints in pools
Sealants for permanently wet areas should be extra-resistant to water and chemicals.
Glazing adhesives
Strong adhesives make it easier to create intricate frames and larger pane dimensions.
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