135 Objektbau

Neutral – alkoxy
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Wide range of applications and odourless

From windows to high-rises to green building projects, there is hardly a joint that 135 Objektbau construction will not seal reliably. Thanks to its compatibility with a broad spectrum of different materials, the neutral-cure sealant can be used almost universally. The material hardens to be rub-resistant and is particularly suitable for smoothing. This means it can also be used for sealing laminated safety glass. As a fungicide-free, odourless and resilient material, it is not only approved for food-grade applications – it is also permitted in clean rooms. In addition, it fulfils the criteria for green building and can be used in a variety of ways in interior fitting and finishing jobs. When applied correctly, this first-class formulation will ensure top results. 

No fungicidal or bactericidal ingredients
Matte surface structure ensures excellent visual appeal
EMICODE quality seal for very low emissions
Compatible with a very wide range of materials


  • Maximum movement accommodation: 25%
  • UV-resistant
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • Low-emitting
  • Compatible with laminated safety glass
  • Resistant to weather and ageing


  • EC1 Plus
  • LEED approved


Main applications

Illustration Glasfassade
Sealing and bonding safety glass to prevent falls
When working on safety glazing designed to prevent falls, the professional-grade materials must be compatible with laminated glass.
Illustration Anschlussfugen eines Fliesenbodens
Sealing perimeter joints in interior spaces
A low emitting sealant compatible with a wide range of materials can be used for lightly loaded joints in interior spaces.
Illustration einer Fuge in Grün
Sealing expansion joints
An elastic sealant balances out tension between different structural elements.
Illustration grüne Bodenfuge Fliesenboden
Sealing floor joints
Extremely resistant and elastic sealants allow for long-lasting joints.
Illustration Dachrinne abdichten
Sealing rain gutters
Sealants used to seal rain gutters on roofs must not lead to corrosion.
Illustration Auto von oben
Sealing vehicle parts
Sealants used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Sealing windows and doors on the outside
Long-lasting perimeter joints in outdoor areas require resilient and elastic sealants.
Window seals
Weather-proof, easy-to-shape sealants provide attractive and functional joints for the long term.
Sealing HVAC systems
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have to be sealed air-tight using non-corrosive and resilient professional-grade materials.
Sealing joints in clean rooms
Especially abrasion-resistant sealants that meet strict guidelines are used for joints in clean rooms.
Installing solar power systems
Weather-resistant and non-corrosive materials are suitable for installing photovoltaic systems.
Installing mirrors
Low-odour and fast-cure materials are suitable for sealing and bonding special types of glass and mirrors.

Other applications

Sealing cold room panels
When carrying out sealing work in cold storage facilities, the professional-grade materials have to meet some special requirements.
Sealing joints in steel and aluminium
Non-corrosive and weather-proof sealants provide lasting attractive results.
Vehicle and watercraft interiors
Materials with low levels of harmful substances are used for sealing and bonding in vehicles or waterborne vessels.
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