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The adhesive for modern vehicle bodies

How best to create crucial bonds that are not visible at first glance? Unlike other products, our 641 Naht Dicht does not contain isocyanates or solvents and, due to its exceptional short-term thermostability, it is ideal for use with powder and thermochronic paints. The adhesive is an apt choice for bonding and sealing connecting and overlapping joints on vehicle bodies, containers, apparatus and machinery. 641 Naht Dicht is easy to use due to its short curing time and convincing mechanical properties. It adheres excellently to a wide range of surfaces and can even withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.  

Heatproof up to 200°C


  • Can be covered with paint coats
  • UV-resistant
  • Silicone-free
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Adheres to moist substrates
  • Heat and fire-resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Odourless

Technical data

Stress at break
~ 1,35 N/mm² (DIN 53504-1 S2)
white and grey
~ 1,5% (EN ISO 10563)
~ 1,45 (EN ISO 1183-1)
Skin over time
~ 18 min. (23°C/50 % relative humidity)
Tear strength
~ 7,38 N/mm (ISO 34-1)
Storage life
12 months in original package, if kept in a cool and dry place
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
lower + 5°C, upper + 35°C
Temperature resistance
- 40°C to + 90°C (continuous exposure) / to + 200° C (in the course of a power coating process: 15 to 20 minutes)
~ 0,70 N/mm² (EN ISO 8339)
cartridges of 290 ml, alternative packaging upon request
Shore hardness
~ 40 (EN ISO 868)
hybrid adhesive – silane-terminated polymers
Curing time
~3.5 mm/24 hours (at +23°C / 50 relative humidity)
Elongation at break
~ 140 % (EN ISO 8339)


Main applications

Illustration Auto von oben
Sealing vehicle parts
Sealants used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Illustration Auto
Bonding vehicle parts
Adhesives used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Seam sealants
To prevent any moisture from penetrating, seams are sealed using strong adhesives.

Other applications

Vehicle and watercraft interiors
Materials with low levels of harmful substances are used for sealing and bonding in vehicles or waterborne vessels.
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