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The smoothable adhesive for floor and wall bonding

Thanks to our 645 Flächen Kleber, wall and floor coverings stay in place immediately without slipping. This adhesive bonds shortly after it has been applied and is extra-easy to use thanks to its one-component composition. It also cures with virtually no shrinkage. The MS hybrid adhesive is water and solvent-free and does not cause any wood swelling or damage to solvent-sensitive materials. 645 Flächen Kleber is permanently elastic and tension-equalising. It reliably creates bonds on a wide variety of materials such as wood, concrete, metal, plastic and even enamelled glass. With the approvals it has received and tests it has passed, the adhesive is also ideal for bonding wall coverings in the food industry. Plus, because it is odourless, it is a great choice for interior fitting and finishing.

Low emissions during the curing phase
Ultra-strong initial tack
Very easy to smooth
Approved for use in food applications


  • Suitable for toothed smoothing tool
  • Can be covered with paint coats
  • Silicone-free
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • Adheres to moist substrates
  • Solvent-free
  • Noise-abating
  • Low-emitting
  • Odourless


  • EC1 Plus
  • EC1
  • for food areas
  • DIN EN ISO 846
  • For clean rooms

Technical data

Shore hardness
ca. 50 (ISO 848)
Storage life
12 months in a cool and dry place
Tear strength
~ 6,50 N/mm (ASTM D 624)
hybrid adhesive – silane terminated polymers
1,55 g/cm³ (DIN 52451)
Temperature resistance
-40°C to +90°C
Curing time
~ 2.5 mm after 24 hours (at +23°C/50% relat. humidity)
Elongation at break
ca. 350 % (DIN 53504-S1)
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
+5°C to + 35°C
600ml-foil bags, 1,800ml-foil bags, 20 l-hobbocks. Alternative packaging upon request
Skin over time
approx. 15 min. (at +23°C/50% relative humidity)


Main applications

Illustration Abdichtung einer Kühltruhe
Seals in the food industry
Professional-grade materials for the food industry must meet strict standards.
Illustration Boden verkleben
Bonding floors
When laying flooring, smoothable adhesive is easier to apply.
Illustration Bodenbelag Schiff
Bonding flooring on waterborne vessels
Vibration-dampening and elastic sealants are ideally suited to withstand the movements on ships and boats.
Illustration Auto
Bonding vehicle parts
Adhesives used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Bonding soundproofing materials
An elastic material absorbs vibrations, helping to soundproof the space in question.
Bonding wooden wall panels
Sandable adhesives with low levels of harmful substances are suitable for installing wooden wall panels.

Other applications

Bonding insulation material in vehicles
If products are compatible with a wide range of materials, this makes it possible to install insulation materials in vehicles and vessels.
Vehicle and watercraft interiors
Materials with low levels of harmful substances are used for sealing and bonding in vehicles or waterborne vessels.
Creating sandwich panels
Extra-resilient adhesives are suitable for bonding sandwich panels.
Installing wall panels
Low-odour and elastic sealants are suitable for installing wall panels in bathrooms.
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