1014 Ramoflex Butyl Dichtmasse

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Reliably seals metal parts

Due to its exceptional durability, 1014 Ramoflex Butyl Dichtmasse can be used for various applications in industrial and metal structures. The material is resistant to mould as well as diluted acids and alkalis. Even when cured, the sealant remains supple and is ideally equipped to absorb movements. This, in turn, makes it highly suitable for sealing articulated items and pipes as well as for being used in the manufacture of various vehicles and ventilation systems. Being able to withstand temperatures between -20°C and +90°C, it can be used as a sealant in cold storage facilities as well as for extra-thin joints on roofs. With porous substrates, the right primer will ensure ideal adhesion. 

Remains malleable even when cured
Effective resistance to acids and alkalis


  • Silicone-free
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials

Technical data

Sealant on a butyl rubber basis containing solvents
600ml, alternative packaging upon request
Temperature resistance
-20°C to +90°C
Storage life
12 months in original container when kept in a cool and dry place
Movement capability
±10 %
1,50 g/cm³ (DIN 53479 B)
~ 13 %


Main applications

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Sealing vehicle parts
Sealants used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Sealing HVAC systems
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have to be sealed air-tight using non-corrosive and resilient professional-grade materials.

Other applications

Sealing cold room panels
When carrying out sealing work in cold storage facilities, the professional-grade materials have to meet some special requirements.
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