846 2K-Brandschutz Schaum

Adapter polyurethane foam
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User-friendly and securely insulated

This special fire protection foam cures particularly quickly and can be finished off in short order, with spreaders ready to be removed after 60 to 90 minutes. The product cures irrespective of the substrate or ambient moisture, so it should be kept free of any additional moisture. The material plays a valuable role wherever fire protection equipment has to be sealed, insulated or bonded. 846 2K-Brandschutz Schaum is rated at class B1 when used with solid or metallic building materials and otherwise falls under building material class E in line with DIN 13501-1. The cured foam is semi-hard, elastic, predominantly closed-cell, and resistant to rot, water, heat, cold and ageing. 

Tested fire protection quality to satisfy building regulations
Consistent foam structure
High adhesive strength
No delayed expansion after application


  • Mostly closed-cell
  • Heat-insulating
  • Fills gaps
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • Heat and fire-resistant
  • Safety valve
  • Suitable for use in permanently wet areas
  • Noise-abating
  • No delayed expansion after application
  • Low-emitting
  • Odourless
  • Compatible with bitumen


  • DIN 4102 – B1

Technical data

Storage life
(in an upright position in a cool and dry place): 12 months
processing temperature (can, substrate)
+10°C to +25°C
joint noise insulation performance RST,W
61 dB (-1; -3)
Tack free
approx. 8 ±2 minutes
free expansion: up to 12 ±2 litres
Building material class
B1 according to DIN 4102-1 between solid mineral or metallic building materials


Main applications

Illustration von Brandschutzdichtungen für Fenster und Türen, Flammen im Vordergrund
Fireproof seals in building and construction
Highly flame-retardant materials in buildings must be jointed using tested fire protection sealants.

Other applications

Sealing metal fire doors
The non-corrosive properties of fire protection sealants prevent damage to metal parts.
Sealing fire-retardant plasterboard
In interior spaces, low emitting fire protection sealants are used to seal flame-retardant materials.
How to apply polyurethane foam properly.
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