858 Recycling Pistolen Schaum

Gun-applied polyurethane foam
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For sustainable and lasting bonds

Our 858 Recycling Pistolen Schaum combines sustainability and long-term durability in one product. The foam is made with over 15% pre-polymer, which is recycled from collected polyurethane foam cans. The assembly foam offers the highest level of adhesion to all common building materials, making it ideally suited for filling recesses and openings in walls – and indeed cavities of any kind. Due to its exceptional resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations, 858 Recycling Pistolen Schaum can also be used for loft conversions and roof insulation. The special valve makes the product easier to apply with a foam gun. And the results it delivers are a success on a visual level, too. 

15% recycled content
Effective thermal insulation
Compatible with a very wide range of materials
Innovative safety valve


  • Cell structure – medium-fine
  • Fills gaps
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • Safety valve
  • Suitable for use in permanently wet areas
  • Low-emitting


  • EC1 Plus


Main applications

Illustration Treppen-Fugen
Assembling concrete parts
An extra-powerful professional-grade material can be used to assemble parts under difficult conditions.
Sealing windows and doors on the outside
Long-lasting perimeter joints in outdoor areas require resilient and elastic sealants.
Illustration Nahaufnahme Fenstereck mit grün markierten Dichtungen
Sealing windows and doors from the inside
Low emitting and elastic sealants allow for air-tight joints, preventing draughts and mould.
Filling wall openings
A safety valve makes it easier to carry out the foaming process in cavities using polyurethane foams.
Bonding stair treads
If products are compatible with a wide range of materials, this unlocks a wide range of bonding applications for interior fitting and finishing.

Other applications

Sealing cold room panels
When carrying out sealing work in cold storage facilities, the professional-grade materials have to meet some special requirements.
Installing formwork units
Weather-proof and fast-cure sealants are suitable for sealing formwork units.
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