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430 Dreieck-Fase

Hybrid sealant
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For special windows

430 Dreieck-Fase is a sealant for situations in which the triangular chamfer in wooden frames with putty is no longer up to the job. Due to its special viscosity level, the material is also an excellent option for large chamfers. The hybrid sealant can be coated after curing and is reliably weather-proof as well as being ultra-easy to apply. It forms a skin after just five minutes, and the joint cures after around 48 hours. Thanks to these properties, 430 Dreieck-Fase is perfect for reglazing casement and double-glazed windows. 

Forms a surface that does not require maintenance
Easy and effective application
Compatible with many coating systems


  • Can be covered with paint coats
  • UV-resistant
  • Silicone-free

Technical data

~ 1.56 g/cm³ (ISO 1183 Method B)
white and brown
310ml cartridges, 400ml and 600ml foil bags
Shore hardness
~ 78 (ISO 868)
~ 4%
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
+ 5°C bis +35°C
Temperature resistance
-40°C bis +90°C
hybrid sealant – silane terminated polymers
Skin over time
approx. 8 min. (+23°C/50% relative humidity)
Storage life
12 months in a cool and dry place


Main applications

Window seals
Weather-proof, easy-to-shape sealants provide attractive and functional joints for the long term.
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