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Stays all sealed up – even under extreme stress and strain

322 Pur Pro is a sealant for the true pros. It bonds permanently to materials such as wood, metal, polyester and concrete as well as lightening the workload, as no priming is required. The one-component, polyurethane-based joint sealant can even reliably withstand the challenging conditions in the industrial and construction sectors. Exposure to chemicals and heavy temperature fluctuations and mechanical vibrations – a frequent occurrence on the shop floor – are no problem for this special sealant. Even in high humidity, the material does not show any change. After curing, it remains elastic, meaning it can reliably seal expansion joints over the long term. 

Able to withstand heavy mechanical force
Cures bubble-free
Highly effective at absorbing motion thanks to elastic properties


  • Paint-compatible
  • Maximum movement accommodation: 25%
  • Can be covered with paint coats
  • UV-resistant
  • Silicone-free
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • Elastic
  • No staining around the edges
  • Odourless
  • Compatible with natural stone
  • Resistant to weather and ageing

Technical data

Storage life
12 months in a cool and dry place
~ 1,18 (EN ISO 1183-1)
Curing time
~3 mm/24 hours (at +23°C / 50 % relative humidity)
~ 0,4 N/mm² (EN ISO 8339)
Skin over time
~ 70 min. (23°C/50 % relative humidity)
Elongation at break
~ 600% (EN ISO 8339)
Shore hardness
~ 40 (EN ISO 868)
grey, black
Movement capability
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
+5°C bis +35°C
Modulus of rupture
~ 1,4 Mpa (ISO 8339)
600ml-foil bags, alternative packaging upon request


Main applications

Illustration Haus mit Schornstein, Dachfenster und Regenrinne
Seals on roofs and structural facades
Tested and weather-proof professional-grade materials guarantee long-lasting joints under heavy stress and strain.
Illustration einer Fuge in Grün
Sealing expansion joints
An elastic sealant balances out tension between different structural elements.
Illustration grüne Bodenfuge Fliesenboden
Sealing floor joints
Extremely resistant and elastic sealants allow for long-lasting joints.
Illustration Auto von oben
Sealing vehicle parts
Sealants used on vehicles stand out for their optimum hold on metal and their exceptional resilience.
Sealing joints in multi-storey car parks
Joints and professional-grade materials in building and construction applications must be able to withstand extreme conditions and absorb mechanical force.

Other applications

Sealing floor joints in warehouses
Permanently elastic and fast-cure materials are needed to fill joints that are subject to heavy stress and strain.
Sealing joints in steel and aluminium
Non-corrosive and weather-proof sealants provide lasting attractive results.
Manufacturing home appliances
Elastic and resilient sealants are suitable for manufacturing small and large home appliances.
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