470 Vitrine

Acetic acid/acetate
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Crystal-clear bonds that stand the test of time

Whether on shop windows or display glass, invisible joints are often desirable. 470 Vitrine adheres to glass, glass-like surfaces and aluminium (even without a primer). And once cured, the acetic-cure silicone sealant becomes transparent, meaning it is almost impossible to spot between sheets of glass.

Excellent adhesion on glass
Crystal-clear appearance once cured


  • UV-resistant
  • Fast-curing

Technical data

310 ml cartridges
Elongation at break
~ 150 % (EN ISO 8339)
Storage life
18 months in a cool and dry place
~ 0,988 (EN ISO 1183-1)
Movement capability
15 %
Skin over time
~ 15 min. (23°C/50 % relative humidity)
Tear strength
~ 4,15 N/mm (ISO 34-1)
Shore hardness
~ 21 (EN ISO 868)
~ 7,2% (EN ISO 10563)
Stress at break
~ 0,37 N/mm² (EN ISO 8339)
Temperature resistance
–50° C to +150° C
Sag resistance
acid curing acetoxy system
Curing time
~2.1 mm/24 hours (at +23°C / 50 relative humidity)
Processing temperature (substrate, environment)
+5°C to +35°C
~ 0,36 N/mm² (EN ISO 8339)


Main applications

Sealing shop windows
A crystal-clear sealant ensures ideal visually appealing results.
Sealing display glass
Fast-cure and moisture-tolerant materials are used to bond glass.
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